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Tired with DIY builders? Just Put or update your contents through our mobile app and let us take care of website design. Also check contact form entries directly from mobile app.


Give your users the best experience with perfect responsive design on desktops, smartphones and tablets. We work to make the users experience more enjoyable when viewing with any devices.

Realtime Analytics

Stay connected to your website through our mobile app. See how well your website is doing. Track your site’s performance and stats in realtime.

SEO Optimization

Your website meta tags are a very important part of your website SEO. The meta title, for example, is the title that goes along with the other meta tags and gives your website a title on search engines, like Google.

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Secure your website and boost your SEO with an SSL Certified site. SSL ensures that all data passed between the server and browsers remain private and integral.

Custom Domain choice

Look professional with a custom domain or connect one you already own. Your website will be visible at the new domain within minutes of publishing.

Business Email

We provide customized email solutions that are cost-effective and reflect professionalism. yourbiz@gmail.com will always look unprofessional when compared to yourname@yoursite.com

Secured Payments

Supercharge your business with Payment Gateway integration. Also you can Generate & Share payment links and get paid. Accepting payments from customers is very easy now.

Domain names provide a clean, user-friendly and convenient option to access your website. A simple descriptive website is easy to remember and looks great on a business card. Your website and email communication will have your domain name in it, making you look professional online. Think of marketing@yourcompany.com or sales@yourcompany.com.

Best domain name explanation - it’s your address on the Internet. This address in actuality is a series of numbers used to find and identify computers on the web called Internet Protocol (IP). While it is not practical to remember a series of numbers for a website, domain names were created to convert those numbers to ease-to-remember names and phrases. Therefore, when a user types in www.Frozen Cloud.in, the Domain Name System (DNS) translates the domain name into IP numbers. The Internet then uses these numbers to connect to Frozen Cloud’s website.

Your domain name should be a word or phrase that’s catchy and easy to remember and of course, relevant to your / blog / topic. If it is a professional website, be sure to use the company name in the domain name. If it is a blog, think of a name related to the content you will be putting out (e.g. food, fashion etc.) It’s also a good idea to keep your domain name short (between 5 - 20 characters) for easy recall. Avoid using short-forms or difficult phrases. Avoid numbers in a domain name so as to eliminate confusion between ‘1’ and ‘One’, for example. Most importantly, pick a domain name you would be proud to give out as your web address.

Yes. You need not have an existing website to register a domain name. You can purchase domain names at any time.

A subdomain is a subdivision of a larger domain. For example, "blog.mycompany.com" is a subdomain of "mycompany.com". A subdomain is used to direct a visitor to a specific part of your site that may or may not be linked to your main site.

Website Analytics

Make Informed Decisions with Frozen Cloud Analytics

Easily track how many people visited your website, which pages they visited, what search terms they used to find your site, and which websites referred traffic to your site directly from the Weebly dashboard. Check your site stats from any device with Frozen Cloud’s popular mobile apps.

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